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EasyGas™ 1000 - Gas Cabinets & Gas Delivery Systems

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Turnkey solution for nanomaterial synthesis

The EasyGas™ 1000 Gas Cabinet is designed to cover a wide range of cylinder gas delivery applications. In its simplest form, the EasyGas™ Gas Cabinet houses 1, 2, 3 or 4 gases, and includes a high purity, manual gas panel for each gas. Modular EasyGas™ Panels are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6-Valve designs for Process and Instrumentation Diagrams. Each panel may be tailored to the specific gas and application.

Myriad of Automated Alarm and Panel Shutdown Options

With the addition of the optional FlexPowr™ Controller, the EasyGas™ Cabinet can support a myriad of automated ALARM and panel SHUTDOWN options such as: Auto-Switchover, Excess Flow Sensors, Low Cylinder Pressure Alarms, High Delivery Pressure Alarms, Gas Leak Sensors, Scales and more! The FlexPowr™ Controller can support up to eight (8) user-settable alarm inputs and eight (8) user-settable alarm outputs. The EMO slam button and Exhaust Pressure Sensor are included with the FlexPower™ controller option.

Modular Design Meets Your Exact Gas Delivery Needs

EasyGas™ 1000 makes it simple to meet your exact gas delivery needs. Our modular design concept allows you to use a building-block method to configure a gas cabinet to your specifications.

Begin by choosing one of several cylinder enclosure configurations, then proceed to the gas panel level by selecting the gas panel purity. From the standard
3-Valve UHP panel, you can choose to add PURGE capability (4-Valve) or PURGE/EVAC capability (6-Valve).

Add safety and peace-of-mind by purchasing the optional FlexPowr™ Controller and selecting which panels you want to shutdown on ALARM. Fitted with a normally-closed ESO Valve for automatic shutdown, the FlexPowr™ Controller can support up to 4 dry-contact alarm inputs. Exhaust pressure switch, gas leak detection, and UVIR are just some of the optional controls components available to prompt shutdown.

Cylinder Cabinets:
Standard Configurations:

  • 1-cyl, [1-process]
  • 2-cyl, [1-process, 1-purge]
  • 2-cyl, [2-process]*
  • 3-cyl, [3-process]*
  • 3-cyl, [2-process, 1-purge]
  • * Purge SideCar is an external, integrated
    purge cylinder

Gas Panel / Manifold Purity:
Standard Configurations:

  • UHP construction: orbitally welded/VCR® 316L SS or VIM/VAR
  • UHP grade regulator (nontied diaphragm standard)
  • UHP grade diaphragm valves (20 Ra standard)

HP Gas Panels:
Standard configurations:

  • 3-Valve design [HP vent]
  • 4-Valve design [adds PURGE]
  • 6-Valve design [adds EVAC]

UHP Gas Panels:
Standard configurations:

  • 25 Ra surface finish
  • Dual stage regulators
  • Outlet filters (0.003 µm)
  • DISS cylinder fittings

Industrial Gas Panels:
Standard configurations:

  • 3-Valve process gas panel [adds HP vent, 1-Valve is standard]

Optional FlexPowr™ Controller

  • Automatic shutdown of process gas panels
  • Up to 8 user-definable alarms
  • Up to 8 user-definable outputs
  • Audible/visible alarm indication
  • EMO button
  • Multilevel password protection
  • CLASS 100/CLASS 10 clean room assembly and test

FlexPowr™ Control Components

  • Exhaust pressure switch
  • HI cylinder pressure switch
  • HI delivery pressure switch
  • Integrated gas leak detection
  • UVIR detection
  • Excess flow sensor

Other Equipment Options

  • Adjustable cylinder shelves
  • Restrictive flow orifices
  • Cylinder scales
  • CGA torque wrenches


  • 1-cyl: 18"W x 72"H x 19"D
  • 2-cyl: 24"W x 72"H x 19"D
  • 3-cyl: 36"W x 72"H x 19"D

Code and Stardards Referenced

  • ASME Section IX
  • SEMI® S2 Safety Guidelines for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
  • NFPA® 79, 496, 70 [NEC®]
  • Factory Mutual®
  • UL®
  • CE®
1Pneumatic Supply Adjustable to 90 psig 1 slm max.
2Process Purge Adjustable to 85 psig 30 slm max.
3Vacuum Drive Adjustable to 85 psig 85 slm max.
4Process Vent >1.0" WC 100 slm
1Power 115V/3A N/A
Sprinkler [if used] 30 psig 31 gpm
5Exhaust >0.15" WC 300 scfm(2-cyl)
  >0.15" WC 450 scfm (3-cyl)
1Needed only with optional FlexPowr™ Controller
2Needed only with 4-Valve, 6-Valve gas panel configurations
3Needed only with 6-Valve gas panel configurations
4Needed only with 3, 4, 6-Valve gas panel configurations
5Damper must be adjusted to meet 200 fpm face velocity as required by UFC.

Please note that manual and/or semi-automated systems like the EasyGas™ 1000 are not recommended for use in all applications. First Nano recommends that FULLY AUTOMATED SYSTEMS be used for toxics, corrosives, pyrophorics, and other highly hazardous gases/liquified gases.

Please contact us for further details.

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EasyGas™ 1000 Image

easy gas 1000 gas cabinet and gas delivery system

2-Cylinder Model with UHP Gas Panels and optional FlexPowr™ Controller

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