EasyTube® 3000

EasyTube® 3000

100 mm x 100 mm Substrate

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The EasyTube® 3000 advanced CVD system is our best-selling and most capable product for university labs and industry R&D facilities.

The base system includes a cylindrical quartz process tube which can be from 70 mm to 130 mm ID depending on the desired substrate size. A range of optional modules can be configured to meet the specific requirements of the end user. Many of the options are available as upgrades after installation.

The system is designed to meet today’s safety standards for handling  pyrophoric, corrosive, flammable, and toxic gases such as hydrogen, silane, germane, diborane, hydrogen chloride, and metal organic precursors. The system has application configured safety protocols embedded into relay logic, PLC, and CVDWinPrC™ software.

If needed, more options are available in our EasyTube® 3000EXT model which has an extended frame size to accommodate larger system modules. These can include a glovebox, loadlock, a rolling furnace for rapid heating and cooling, an upstream RF plasma generator, and/or an option to increase the process chamber ID up to 200 mm to accommodate full 6” wafers.


  • CVDWinPrC™ system control software for realtime process control, data logging, and recipe editing
  • Preprogrammed process recipes
  • Substrate sizes up to 100 mm x 100 mm (batch processing of multiple wafers per run also possible)
  • Cantilevered automatic substrate loading/unloading system
  • Up to 12 mass flow-controlled UHP gas lines
  • Atmospheric and/or low pressure process configurations available
  • 3-zone resistance furnace for temperatures up to 1200 °C or optional infrared/radio frequency induction heating
  • Proprietary realtime cascade process temperature control
  • High throughput with FastCool™ furnace
  • User ability to set warnings and alarms
  • Comprehensive software and hardware safety interlocks
  • 1 year warranty
  • On-site system startup and training
  • Semi - S2/S8 and CE Compliant


  • High temperature resistance furnace up to > 1200 °C
  • Infrared heating for rapid thermal processing > 1100 °C
  • Radio frequency induction heating for process temperatures > 1500 °C
  • Upstream plasma
  • DC bias field assisted growth
  • Substrate rotation for improved process uniformity
  • Rectangular process tube for improved laminar gas flow
  • Liquid/solid source vapor delivery kit
  • Bubbler liquid auto refill
  • Run/vent: stabilizes gas flows (bypassing the process tube) before flowing into process tube
  • High vacuum process chamber and/or loadlock chamber
  • Residual gas analyzer
  • Air to water heat exchanger for cooling water
  • SDC® hazardous gas cabinets
  • SDC® UHP gas panels for argon, nitrogen, helium, oxygen
  • CVD exhaust gas conditioning system (scrubber/pyrolyzer)



208 VAC
60 Hz | 33 - 40 Amps
L1, L2, L3, N, G


96" - 119" Length
33" - 40" Width
60" - 70" Height

Cabinet Exhaust

500 SCFM
1" WC


Facility Nitrogen

20 SLM

Pneumatic Supply

Clean Dry Air or N2

Process Gases

Customer Specified

Electrical varies with country | Facility requirements vary with system options | Consult Factory for details