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Year Title Authors Journal Volume Issue Page DOI
2016 Beyond graphene foam, a new form of threedimensional graphene for supercapacitor electrodes L. Zhang, D. DeArmond, N. T. Alvarez, D. Zhao, T. Wang, G. Hou, R. Malik, W. R. Heinemanc, and V. Shanov Journal of Materials Chemistry 4 1876
2016 Porous honeycomb structures formed from interconnected MnO2 sheets on CNT-coated substrates for flexible all-solid-state supercapacitors W. Ko, Y. Chen, K. Lu, and K. Lin Nature Scientific Reports 6 18887
2015 3D hierarchical assembly of ultrathin MnO2 nanoflakes on silicon nanowires for high performance micro-supercapacitors in Li- doped ionic liquid D. P. Dubal, D. Aradilla, G. Bidan, P. Gentile, T. J. S. Schubert, J. Wimberg, S. Sadki, and P. Gomez-Romero Nature Scientific Reports 5 09771
2015 Comparison of graphene growth on arbitrary non-catalytic substrates using low-temperature PECVD S. Chugh, R. Mehta, N. Lu, F. D. Dios, M. J. Kim, and Z. H. Chen Carbon 93 393
2015 Solid−Liquid−Vapor Etching of Semiconductor Nanowires Ho Yee Hui and Michael A. Filler Nano Letters 15  10 6939
2015 Optically Transparent Carbon Nanotube Film Electrode for Thin Layer Spectroelectrochemistry T. Wang, D. Zhao, N. Alvarez, V. N. Shanov, and W. R. Heineman Analytical Chemistry 87 19 9687
2015 An innovative 3-D nanoforest heterostructure made of polypyrrole coated silicon nanotrees for new high performance hybrid microsupercapacitors D. Aradilla, D. Gaboriau, G. Bidan, P. Gentile, M. Boniface, D. Dubal, P. Gomez-Romero, J. Wimberg, T. J. S. Schubert, and S. Sadki Journal of Materials Chemistry A 3 13978
2015 Iron oxide-decorated carbon for supercapacitor anodes with ultrahigh energy density and outstanding cycling stability C. Guan, J. Liu, Y. Wang, L. Mao, Z. Fan, Z. Shen, H. Zhang, and J. Wang ACS Nano 9 5 5198
2015 Fabrication and characterisation of bulk micromachined ZnO energy transducer with interdigitated electrodes P. Chhabra, A. Sharma, and N. P. Vamsi Krishna Journal of Microsystem Technologies
2015 Bottom-up growth of Ag/a-Si@Ag arrays on silicon as a surface-enhanced Raman scattering substrate with high sensitivity and large-area uniformity L. W. Liu, M. L. Jin, Q. W. Zhou, R. Z. Zhan, H. J. Chen, X. S. Gao, S. Senz, Z. Zhang, and J. M. Liu RSC Advances 5 25 19229
2015 Towards a full integration of vertically aligned silicon nanowires in MEMS using silane as a precursor G. Gadea, A. Morata, J. D. Santos, D. Dávila, C. Calaza, M. Salleras, L. Fonseca, and A. Tarancón Nanotechnology 26 19 195302
2014 Self-assembly of honeycomb-like MoS2 nanoarchitectures anchored into graphene foam for enhanced lithium-ion storage J. Wang, J. L. Liu, D. L. Chao, J. X. Yan, J. Y. Lin, and Z. X. Shen Avanced Materials 26 42 7162
2014 Length scale of Leidenfrost ratchet switches droplet directionality R. L. Agapov, J. B. Boreyko, D. P. Briggs, B. R. Srijanto, S. T. Retterer, C. P. Collier, and N. V. Lavrik Nanoscale 6 15 9293
2014 Diameter modulation as a route to probe the vapour–liquid–solid growth kinetics of semiconductor nanowires I. R. Musin, N. Shin, and M. A. Filler Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2 17 3285
2014 Novel hybrid micro-supercapacitor based on conducting polymer coated silicon nanowires for electrochemical energy storage D. Aradilla, G. Bidan, P. Gentile, P. Weathers, F. Thissandier, V. Ruiz, P. Gomez-Romero, T. J. S. Schubert, H. Sahin, and S. Sadki RSC Advances 4 50 26462
2014 Growth strategies to control tapering in Ge nanowires P. Periwal, T. Baron, P. Gentile, B. Salem, and F. Bassani APL Materials 2 4 046105
2014 Asymmetric wettability of nanostructures directs Leidenfrost droplets R. L. Agapov, J. B. Boreyko, D. P. Briggs, B. R. Srijanto, S. T. Retterer, C. Patrick Collier, and N. V. Lavrik ACS Nano 8 1 860
2014 Composition-dependent interfacial abruptness in Au-catalyzed Si1–xGex/Si/Si1–xGex nanowire heterostructures P. Periwal, N. V. Sibirev, G. Patriarche, B. Salem, F. Bassani, V. G. Dubrovskii, and T. Baron Nano Letters 14 9 5140
2014 Optical parameters of Zn1-xMgxO nanowires in THz regime A. Mazady, A. Rivera, and M. Anwar Solid-State Electronics 101 8
2014 Air-stable droplet interface bilayers on oil-infused surfaces J. B. Boreyko, G. Polizos, P. G. Datskos, S. A. Sarles, and C. P. Collier PNAS 111 21 7588
2013 Lithography-free approach to highly efficient, scalable SERS substrates based on disordered clusters of disc-on-pillar structures R. L. Agapov, B. Srijanto, C. Fowler, D. Briggs, N. V. Lavrik, and M. J. Sepaniak Nanotechnology 24 50 505302
2013 Three-Dimensional Graphene Foam Supported Fe3O4 Lithium Battery Anodes with Long Cycle Life and High Rate Capability J. S. Luo, J. L. Liu, Z. Y. Zeng, C. F. Ng, L. J. Ma, H. Zhang, J. Y. Lin, Z. X. Shen, and H. J. Fan Nano Letters 13 12 6136
2013 Landau-Zener tunneling of a single Tb3+ magnetic moment allowing the electronic read-out of a nuclear spin M. Urdampilleta, S. Klyatskaya, M. Ruben, and W. Wernsdorfer Physical Review B 87 19 195412
2013 Silicon Nanowire Bridge Arrays With Dramatically Improved Yields Enabled by Gold Colloids Functionalized With HF Acid and Poly-L-Lysine J. Y. Oh and M. S. Islam Nanotechnology 12 6 1173
2013 A Comparison of ZnO Nanowires and Nanorods Grown Using MOCVD and Hydrothermal Processes A. Rivera, J. Zeller, M. Anwar, and M. Anwar Journal of Electronic Materials 42 5 894
2012 Homogeneous bilayer graphene film based flexible transparent conductor S. Lee, K. Lee, C. H. Liu, and Z. H. Zhong Nanoscale 4 2 639
2012 Effect of HCl on the doping and shape control of silicon nanowires P. Gentile, A. Solanki, N. Pauc, F. Oehler, B. Salem, G. Rosaz, T. Baron, M. Den Hertog, and V. Calvo Nanotechnology 23 21 215702
2011 Ultrathin alumina-coated carbon nanotubes as an anode for high capacity Li-ion batteries I. Lahiri, S. M. Oh, J. Y. Hwang, C. Kang, M. Choi, H. Jeon, R. Banerjee, Y. K. Sun, and W. Choi Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 35 13621
2011 Synthesis and characterization of self-organized multilayered graphene–carbon nanotube hybrid films S. Das, R. Seelaboyina, V. Verma, I. Lahiri, J. Y. Hwang, R. Banerjee, and W. B. Choi Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 20 7289
2010 Very black infrared detector from vertically aligned carbon nanotubes and electric-field poling of lithium tantalate J. Lehman, A. Sanders, L. Hanssen, B. Wilthan, J. A. Zeng, and C. Jensen Nano Letters 10 9 3261
2010 Formation of chelating agent driven anodized TiO2 nanotubular membrane and its photovoltaic application S. Banerjee, M. Misra, S. K. Mohapatra, C. Howard, S. K. Mohapatra, and S. K. Kamilla Nanotechnology 21 14 145201
2009 Parametric verification of one-way lithographic wicks JJ Zhou and X. Huang Lab On A Chip 9 12 1667
2009 In vivo carbon nanotube-enhanced non-invasive photoacoustic mapping of the sentinel lymph node M. Pramanik, K. H. Song, M. Swierczewska, D. Green, B. Sitharaman, and L. H. V. Wang Physics In Medicine and Biology 54 11 3291
2009 The precise self-assembly of individual carbon nanotubes using magnetic capturing and fluidic alignment J. S. Shim, Y. H. Yun, M. J. Rust, J. Do, V. Shanov, M. J. Schulz, and C. H. Ahn Nanotechnology 20 32 325607