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EasyTube® 101
Advanced CVD process development tool for the University or Industrial Researcher

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Advanced R&D Platform for CNT, Nanowire, Graphene and other Thin Film Growth

First Nano’s EasyTube® 101 System is an advanced Chemical Vapor Deposition process development tool for the University or Industrial Researcher. It is controlled by our proprietary real-time, LabWindow™ based process control software CVDWinPrC™ that provides recipe driven process control, real-time graphing and automatic data logging for optimal process reproducibility. The EasyTube® 101 communicates with a PLC that handles the hardware interface and provides the appropriate industrial level safety systems. The system has a standard Web interface connection that allows for remote training, software upgrades and system trouble shooting.

Our modular platform offers up to eight (8) input lines for gases. Three (3) of the input lines can be configured for solid or liquid sources. Heating is provided by a resistance furnace. The system can be configured for both vacuum and atmospheric processes. The 40 mm (ID) process tube has a usable processing area of 25 x 50 mm and most system options are field upgradable.

The system can be configured to run a wide range of processes – CNT's, Graphene, Nanowires, APCVD, LPCVD, Epitaxial, Oxides, Nitrides, Annealing, Diffusion, Chemical Vapor Infiltration, ALD using selected combinations of gaseous and/or liquid precursors.

The platform is the perfect research tool for next generation material growth and novel process development across many fields including nanoelectronics, semiconductor, photovoltaic, MEMS, composites, structural coatings, etc.

Designed to meet today’s stringent safety standards, the system safely processes pyrophoric, corrosive, flammable and toxic gases such as Silane, Germane, Diborane, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen and metal organic liquid source precursors with a fully developed safety system. The system also has application configured safety protocols imbedded into relay logic, PLC and CVDWinPrC™ software.

The EasyTube® 101 is a user friendly, low cost, equipment/process solution for the researcher that has a limited budget and needs turn-key equipment with a baseline process recipe and proven safety system.

Please try our system configurator at to select the best option for your needs and to submit a request for quotation. You can also call us at (631) 981-7081 to speak with an application specialist or email us at

Standard Configuration:

  • CVDWinPrC™ based process control software for Real Time Process Control, Data Logging and Recipe Generation and Editing
  • Preprogrammed Recipes for SW/MW CNT's, Nanowires, Annealing, Diffusion, Oxides, Nitrides, ALD, Epitaxial layers, Graphene, etc.
  • 3 Zone Resistance Furnace for Temperatures up to
    1100 °C
  • Atmospheric Process Operation
  • Proprietary Real-Time Cascade
  • Process Temperature Control
  • Cantilevered Automatic Substrate Loading/Unloading System
  • Quartz Process Tube, Sample Holder, Gas Injector and Profiling Thermocouple
  • Dual O-Ring process seals with a vacuum monitoring system to insure leak free operation
  • 4 Mass Flow Controlled UHP Gas Lines
  • User Settable Warnings and Alarms
  • Application Configured Safety Systems
  • Comprehensive Software and Hardware Safety Interlocks
  • One (1) Year Warranty
  • SEMI - S2/S8 and CE Compliant


  • Up to an additional 4 Mass Flow Controlled UHP Gas Lines
  • Purge/Reactant: inert gas purge for reactive gas lines
  • Run/Vent: stabilizes gas flows (bypassing the Process Tube) before flowing into Process Tube
  • Atmospheric or Low Pressure Liquid Source Vapor Delivery - maximum of three (3)
  • Liquid Source Bubbler: 250 ml or 500 ml
  • Air Pump - air feed into system for removing carbon residue in a CNT process tube
  • Low Pressure and APCVD Operation
  • 20 CFM Oil based Vacuum Pump
  • Fomblin Oil based Vacuum Pump
  • 50 CFM Dry Mechanical Screw pump
  • Fast acting pneumatic valves for enhanced ALD operation
  • Imperial (Inch) Tool Kit
  • Seismic Mounts
  • Wheels to allow easy movement of system into your laboratory
  • Onsite system Start-Up and Training
  • EasyGas™ Hazardous Gas Cabinets
  • EasyPanel™ UHP Gas Panels for Argon, Nitrogen, Helium, Oxygen
  • EasyExhaust™ Gas Conditioning System
Electrical 208 VAC 60 Hz 3 Phase, N,G (other voltages and frequency available –
consult factory)
Dimension 40" width 49" length 60" height
Exhaust 300 cfm
Pneumatic Supply Clean DRY Air or N2 scfm @ 80 psig
Facility Nitrogen 10 slpm @ 20 psig
Process Gases System specific/Typically field upgradable

* Note: Electrical varies with country; facilities requirements vary with system options. Consult Factory for details.

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EasyTube® 101 Images

easytube 2000
easytube 101 control panel
easytube101 quartz loading
easytube101 quartz loading

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