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enabling tomorrow's technologies™

“One-Stop” solution to Accelerating the Commercialization of CVDGraphene™

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3. Graphene research yields Nobel Prize in physics
4. Graphene Will Change the Way We Live

As a one-stop solution to accelerating the commercialization of CVDGraphene™ products, we provide the following:

  • A growing range of trial CVDGraphene™ materials for initial R&D and IP development.
  • A growing range of Graphene material prototype manufacturing and Graphene transfer processes capabilities.
  • Process customization for special targeted market needs.
  • Custom manufacturing scale up processes/tooling exploration services.
  • Direct access to a very talented group of equipment engineers to develop the most cost efficient, low risk scale up solution for large scale and/or high volume implementation of CVDGraphene™ materials enabled products.

Graphene is an appealing material for potential use in many applications such as;

  • Graphene Electronics
  • Conductive transparent coatings-ITO replacement (especially for flexible circuits)
  • Transparent and flexible electronics
  • Solar cells, LED’s, etc.
  • MEMS and NEMS
  • Optoelectronics
  • Chemical and Biosensors
  • TEM Supports

The following logos are trademarks of CVD Equipment Corporation and are used for labeling CVDGraphene™ related products.

cvd graphene



On October 5, 2010, the Nobel Prize in Physics was awarded for the discovery of GRAPHENE, a nanomaterial with very unique electrical and mechanical properties.  It is electrically superior to silicon, can be chemically transformed from a conductor to an insulating material (GRAPHANE), has mechanical properties that outperform steel and is extremely stable and durable.  This material is not only considered as a potential replacement for next generation silicon in chip production, but is also being explored as a more durable transparent conductive films in touch screens and for potential usage in cell phones, bio and chemical sensors, medical diagnostic, solar panels, etc.  Graphene products have the potential to reach markets in excess of $100 billion within the next ten years.

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CVDGraphene™ Machines

cvdgraphene machines

CVDGraphene™ Products Available

CVDGraphene™ on Ni cvdgraphene on 4 inch wafer CVDGraphene™ on Ni cvdgraphene on 300nm Ni film on SiO2/Si wafer
CVDGraphene™ on Ni

thick CVDGraphene film (3-10 layers typical) on Ni film
CVDGraphene™ on Cu single layer cvdgraphne on copper foil CVDGraphene™ on Cu CVDGraphene™ on Cu Annealed  Cu foil with large Cu grains with single layer CVDGraphene film coverage CVDGraphene™ on Cu Monolayer CVDGraphene™ film  grown on Cu catalyst foil CVDGraphene™ Raman Spectra on CuMonolayer CVDGraphene™ Raman Spectra CVDGraphene™ on Cu Bilayer CVDGraphene™ film grown on Cu catalyst foil CVDGraphene™ Raman Spectra on CuMonolayer CVDGraphene™ Raman Spectra

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