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Application Lab:
Graphene, CNTs, Nanowires and More!

FN/CVD Application & Research Lab

Download CVD/FN Application Lab Brochure pdf

CVD Equipment Corporation offers access to our Application Lab where Nano/Solar/Energy material processes can be developed in conjunction with First Nano/CVD research scientists. We strive to accelerate commercialization of Nano/Solar/Energy Fields.

The following is a listing of our processes, production equipment and fees.

Graphene Synthesis:

  • Multilayer CVDGraphene™ on Ni
  • Monolayer CVDGraphene™ on Cu
  • Multilayer CVD3DGraphene™ on Ni Foam
  • Multilayer on CVD3DGraphene™ Foam

3D Cellular Materials:

  • Ultralight carbon foam
  • CNT Paper

Carbon Nanotube Synthesis:

  • Vertically aligned CNT, SW, DW and MW on Si, quartz and various substrates
  • Horizontally aligned SWCNT
  • Wafer scale CNT growth up to 4"
  • Multi wafer CNT growth for volume production

Semiconductor Nanowires:

  • Silicon nanowire (SiNW)
  • Zinc oxide (ZnO) nanowire
  • Gallium nitride (GaN) nanowire

Catalyst Wafer:

  • Vertically and horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes
  • Vertically and horizontally aligned silicon nanowires

Substrate Coating:

  • Catalyst layer: Fe, Ni, Co, Au, etc.
  • Conductive layer: Mo, Cr, Al, Au, etc.
  • Ion assisted thin film deposition: SiO2, TaO2, TiO2, etc.
  • Other materials available upon request


  • TCO - ZnO:F
  • Low-E
  • Photovoltaic


  • TCO - ZnO:B

Epitaxial Films:

  • Si for solar cell

Lab Equipment List:

  • EasyTube®2000
  • EasyTube® 3000
  • EasyTube® 4300
  • EasyTube® 6000
  • Small e-beam evaporator for catalyst deposition
  • Large e-beam evaporator for volume ion assisted optical thin film multi-stack deposition on flat and curved substrates with high uniformity and volume catalyst wafer deposition
  • Sample preparation lab

In-House Analytical Equipment includes:

  • Carl Zeiss SEM
    *Backscatter detector
    *Secondary electron detector
    *STEM detector
  • Optical microscope
  • Four point probe
  • Transmission and reflection measurements
  • Thermo scientific confocal raman DXR microscope
  • 3D olympus video microscope


  • Unassisted Lab time: $325/hr, minimum 6 hrs.
  • Assisted Lab time: $350/hr, minimum 6 hrs.
  • Analytical analysis starting at $175/hr, minimum 1 hr.
  • Minimum sample order $500
  • Volume discount available for larger orders
  • Special process development and system customization available upon request.
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cvdgraphene on 4 inch wafer
cvdgraphene on nickel
single layer cvdgraphne on copper foil
Annealed  Cu foil with large Cu grains with single layer CVDGraphene film coverage
Bilayer CVDGraphene™ film grown on Cu catalyst foil
Gallium Nitride Nanowire
Vertically Aligned MWNT

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