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EasyCrystal™ Semiconductor Vertical Bridgman Crystal Growth Equipment

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EasyCrystal™ Vertical Growth (Bridgman) Furnace System Process Equipment crystal with growth crucible, melting & growth furnace

Turn-key Semiconductor Crystal Growth Equipment

First Nano’s EasyCrystal™ Semiconductor Vertical Growth (Bridgman) Furnace System is an advanced process tool for the growth of crystals. The system is optimized for controlled process development and user safety.

EasyCrystal™ furnace system can be configured for your process. The overall system is designed for ease of maintenance, repair and use in a research mode. The cabinet contains the heating, power control, electrical and gas handling systems.

EasyCrystal™ is operated through our CVDWinPrC™ process control software that automatically logs data and graphically shows the time dependent values of user selected parameters. CVDWinPrC™ also allows users to load preprogrammed recipes, modify, check/create new recipes and view real time or saved execution data.

EasyCrystal™ is designed to meet today’s more stringent safety standards. The system has application configured safety protocols imbedded into relay logic, PLC and CVDWinPrC™software for maximum operator and equipment safety.

EasyCrystal™ consists of two (2) independently controlled furnace subsystems in a vertical configuration. These subsystems are called "Melting" and "Growth" Furnaces. The melting furnace (located at the top of the Furnace Assembly) is capable of operation from ambient to 1200 °C and adjustable in 1 °C increments while the growth furnace (located at the bottom of the assembly) is capable of operation from ambient to 1200 °C and adjustable in 1 °C increments.

The furnace assembly is attached to a linear slide that allows it to be raised and lowered manually to facilitate loading and unloading of the ampoule and to provide the required automatic precision movement for high quality crystal growth.

EasyCrystal™’s linear drive subsystem moves the furnace assembly through the process zones between a start position and stop position at a programmable velocity profile with minimal vibration. A high slew-rate mode is available to permit quick setup and removal of the crystal growth ampoule.

Standard Configuration:

  • CVDWinPrC™ based process control software for real time process control, data logging display, recipe generation and editing
  • 15 mm crystal diameter >100 mm in length
  • Crystal Rotation
  • Melting Furnace:
    - 3 zone resistance furnace for temperatures up to 1200 °C
    - Temperature control loops are PID controlled and user changeable
  • Growth Furnace:
    - 3 zone resistance furnace for temperatures up to 1200 °C
    - Temperature control loops are PID controlled and user changeable
  • Vacuum system
  • Linear motion system
  • Proprietary real-time cascade process temperature control
  • Quartz growth chamber
  • Mass flow controlled UHP gas lines
  • Comprehensive software and hardware safety interlocks
  • One (1) year warranty


  • Customer specified crystal diameter
  • Customer specified crystal length
  • EasyPanel™ gas panels for argon, nitrogen, helium and oxygen


  • Cd1-XZnXTe, CdSe, CdTe, Mg, ZnS, ZnSe, ZnSe:Cr, ZnTe, Zn1-XMgXSe, Zn1-XMgXSe:Cr and others
Electrical 208 VAC 60 Hz 3 Phase, N, G 5 Wire
Dimensions 62" length
33" width 91" height 1500 lbs
Exhaust 300 scfm
Cooling Water 2 gpm 60 psig
Pneumatic Supply Clean Dry Air / Nitrogen
Process Gases Argon/Nitrogen: 5 slpm @ 20 psig

*Note: Electrical varies with country; facilities requirements vary with system options. Consult Factory for details.

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