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First Nano’s International Sales and Support Team is a combination of in house personnel as well as on the ground support through our local Representatives. We provide in house training for process development and equipment installation/maintenance. Additional services include full Field Service support as well as on line internet system diagnostics from our factory.

Please submit your inquiry through our RFQ page, or call us at 631.981.7081.

United States
SemiTorr Inc.
600 S. 56th St. Ste B22
Chandler, Arizona  85226

6336 Patterson Pass Rd, Ste H
Livermore, California, 94550

57 Avenida Descanso
Oceanside, California, 92057

10655 SW Manhasset Dr
Tualatin, Oregon  97062

P.O. Box 981254
Park City, Utah, 84098

Erie Tech Group
1755 Janette Avenue
Cleveland Heights, Ohio, 44118

Environmental Technology & Laboratory Equipments

Rm. 1208 Moma Bldg.,
Lotissement El Mouna, N° 34.
Constantine 25001, Algérie

W. J. H. International Inc.
#199 North Chaoyang Road,
Chaoyang District,
Beijing 100026, China

China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines
Dymek Asia - Hong Kong Headquarters
Flat 1612, 16/F, Cheung Fung Ind. Bldg.,
23-39 Pak Tin Par Street,
Tsuen Wan, N.T. Hong Kong

Anarghya Innovations and Technology Pvt. Ltd.
#32(New), 7th 'A' Main Road,
Muthyalanagar, Mathikere,
Bangalore - 560054, India

Middle East
Naizak Global Engineering Systems
Al Sulaimaniya District
Prince Musaid Bin Abdulaziz Street
P.O. Box 57792
Riyadh, 11584, Saudi Arabia

Pasteura 5A Street
Warsaw, PL-02-093, Poland

Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Ukraine
Cryosystems Inc.
7 Nagorny Pr.,
Moscow, 117105, Russia

South Korea
EMRTEC - KPA Tech Co., Ltd.
#402 Jisung Bldg., 1177-2, Jukjeon-Dong
Suji-Gu, Yongin-Si, Kyeonggi-Do, Korea, 448-548 MTEC

Redoks Analytical Laboratory
Mansuroğlu Mahallesi 273/1
Sokak No: 6 A-2
Blok Daire: 3
Bornova, Izmir 35030, Turkey

EasyCrystal™ Bridgman Furnace System

easycrystal vertical bridgman furnace

Vertical Growth (Bridgman) Furnace System is an advanced process tool for the growth of crystals...

EasyPanel™ System

easypanel uhp gas panel

UHP Gas Panels for high and low pressure, Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) gas delivery...

EasyExhaust™ System

easyexhaust system - high temp furnace and water scrubbing system

High Temperature Pyrolizing Furnace and Water Scrubbing System capable of continually thermally...

EasyGas™ 1000

easygas 1000 gas cabinet

High Quality Gas Cabinets and Gas Delivery Systems designed to cover a wide range of cylinder gas delivery...

EasyGas™ 1500

easygas 1500 gas cabinet

Fully Automated Gas Cabinet providing reliable Ultra-High-Purity (UHP) specialty gas equipment...

EasyTube® 101

easytube 101 advanced cvd process tool

Advanced CVD process development tool for the University or Industrial Researcher...

EasyTube® 2000

easytube 2000 thermal cvd

Advanced turnkey thermal catalytic CVD process tool for synthesis of nanotube and nanowire...

EasyTube® 2000 - VACNT Array

vertically aligned CNT

Vertically Aligned CNT array...

EasyTube® 2000 - Fastcool™ Furnace

high throughput furnace

FastCool™ Furnace for High Throughput, provides better temperature stability and uniformity over...

EasyTube® 2000 - Automated Wafer Loading

easytube 2000 Automated Wafer Loading

Ensures contamination-free handling and consistent gas sealing ...

EasyTube® 2000 - Hot Loader and FastCool™ Furnace

Hot Loader and FastCool™ Furnace

Hot Loader to Load Sample into a Pre-Heated Chamber....

EasyTube® 2000 - HTA High Temperature Annealing System

EasyTube® 2000 - HTA High Temperature Annealing System

Graphite Resistance Heated High Temperature Annealing (HTA) System is an automatically...

EasyTube® 3000

easytube 3000 cnt and nanowire cvd system

Advanced Catalytic CNT and Nanowire CVD System process tool for...

EasyTube® 3000 -High Purity Graphite Susceptor

Loadlock with a 3 inch wafer on a high purity graphite susceptor

Loadlock with a 3 inch wafer on a high purity graphite susceptor loading...

EasyTube® 3000 - RF Plasma

easytube 3000 rf plasma

Remote RF Plasma used to ionize gas prior to entering the thermal deposition...

EasyTube® 3000 - CNT's Batch Synthesis

EasyTube 3000 - CNT Batch Synthesis

Vertically aligned CNT's are produced on a batch of 4″ wafers...

EasyTube® 3000 - High Throughput Loader

EasyTube 3000 - High Throughput Loader

The High Throughput Loader enables fast sample heating to improve nanotube...

EasyTube® 3000 - Infrared Heating Furnace

EasyTube 3000 - Infrared Heating Furnace

Infrared Heating Furnace provides Rapid Thermal Process (RTP) capability...

EasyTube® 4000 PECVD System

easytube 4000 advanced plasma cvd system

Advanced Plasma Enhanced CVD process tool for the synthesis of...

EasyTube® 5000 MOCVD System

easytube 500 mocvd equipment

MOCVD System, advanced research Reactor for depositing a wide variety of III-V and II-VI layers...

EasyTube® 6000

easytube 6000 advanced multi furnace system

Advanced Multi-Tube Furnace System for Carbon Nanotubes (CNT), Nanowires, Oxidation...

EasyTube® 6000 - Batch Wafer Process

EasyTube 6000 - Batch Wafer Process

Utilizes a Cantilevered Loading System and has...

EasyTube® 8000 - Fluidized Bed Reactor

EasyTube® 2000 - HTA High Temperature Annealing System

RF Induction Heated EasyTube®8000 Series Fluidized Bed Chemical Vapor Deposition System is...

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