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Vertically Aligned CNT

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All VACNTs, are sold through our wholly owned subsidiary, CVD Materials Corporation. We also offer access to our CVD Application Lab for process development, custom equipment services and large scale production of VACNTs.

Ultra Long Vertically Aligned CNT

Ultra Long vertically aligned CNT's with a length from a few hundred micron meter to two centimeters have been made on our EasyTube® system. The CNT can be SWCNT, DWCNT, or MWCNT depending on the substrate and growth condition. By spinning and pulling, the vertically aligned CNT can be made into rope and sheet with excellent mechanical and electrical properties. The applications include composite, power transport, sensors and actuators.

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VACNT Images

High purity CNT  array
18 mm tall Vertically Aligned CNT Tower
One centimeter tall CNT film over large area

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